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Joyful experiences stick with us—including educational ones! Build confidence, strengthen family connection, and help your child meet developmental milestones through the power of music.

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Supercharge early development and connect with friends in Kindermusik LIVE virtual or in-person music classes for kids.

Why does age or developmental level matter in music classes for kids?

From vocal range to instrument safety to attention span, every age is different. That’s why each Kindermusik class is designed to help children truly enjoy the activities and meet appropriate developmental milestones. You can also find mixed-age classes adaptable for families and groups!

Mom and 3-year-old son resting on the floor during music classes for older toddlers.

Find the right experience for your family!

Whether you're looking for in-person or virtual settings, specific levels or mixed-age offerings, Kindermusik educators offer a variety of music classes for kids from all over the world.

Grownup and child feet dancing on toes to the beat during music classes for kids.

What are Kindermusik music classes like?

Music studios around the world sprinkle in their own magic into every class, but you can count on a few key ingredients that make a Kindermusik experience stand out.

Hello and Goodbye Rituals

Welcoming your little one by name helps promote self-confidence and foster positive social interactions.

Singing, dancing, and instrument play

You’ll experience exciting themes with engaging songs, stories, movement prompts, and instruments to spark the imagination.

After-class family support

Educators explain what your child is learning in real time, and equip you with at-home music and activities to continue the experience and reinforce the joy in the car, yard, or wherever you are.

How do music and movement supercharge brainpower?

The combination of music and movement in one class offers a multi-sensory learning experience. Kindermusik activities are designed to enhance everything from physical development to social-emotional skills, while boosting school readiness.

Static illustration of the human brain. How music and movement affect all areas of the brain and boost development.

Group musical play boosts healthy expression, empathy, relationship building, and inner balance.


Music education builds listening skills, promotes memory and recall, and strengthens executive function.

Fine Motor Movement

Playing instruments and mimicking fingerplays strengthen the hand muscles needed for critical tasks like writing.

Whole Body Movement

Moving to music builds core strength, develops eye-hand coordination, and stimulates the vestibular system.

Language: Receptive

Group music making enhances the ability to follow directions, comprehend stories, and confidently answer questions.

Language: Expressive

Vocal play activities boost phonemic awareness, while singing familiar songs enhances vocabulary.


Group music classes develop vocal skills, music appreciation, and a foundation for formal music instruction.


Instrument play, movement, and pretend play help children become better problem solvers and innovative thinkers.

Mother and son play triangle together during music classes for early Pre-K.

Ready to turn everyday learning into musical fun?

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