(0-18 Months)

For newborns, growing babies, and young toddlers

What should baby music classes really offer?

More than lullabies and swaying. Kindermusik in-person or virtual Foundations classes include those things, but Educators also teach families how sound exploration, listening activities, and dances help babies communicate, stimulate eye-tracking skills, and learn to move and coordinate new muscles.

Kindermusik Foundations classes are music and movement classes for babies and infants.
An 8-month-old girl grasps a drum during one of Kindermusik’s baby music classes.

What to expect...


Sing it again...babies will experience a variety of songs and rhymes in different ways. Bonus: a parent’s singing voice is their favorite!

Vocal Plays

Your turn! Babies will participate in back-and-forth vocal plays and other parent-child interactions, helping them with early language development.

Object Exploration

From scarves to shakers, little ones will use all of their senses to explore a variety of safe, engaging props and instruments.

Bonding Exercises

The best part...parents and caregivers learn bonding techniques through intentional touch, baby massage, and relaxation activities.

Baby gripping a soft chime ball. What you’ll learn in a music class for babies and infants

What you'll learn...

Movement Control

Different movement activities help babies strengthen their core muscles, which increases their sense of balance and control over movements.

Social Adaptability

Group activities allow babies to experience familiar and unfamiliar social experiences in a safe and secure way.

Listening and Communication Skills

Listening to music and doing vocal play exercises helps develop a baby’s back-and-forth communication skills.

Language and Literacy Development

Introducing spoken sounds and rhythms through songs and rhymes helps support language and literacy development.


Associating music with tricky transitions like nap time helps establish calm and encourages self-soothing.

A mom and one-year old boy lay on the floor and explore shakers during one of Kindermsuik’s baby music classes.

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