Head Start Resources

Powerful music and movement curricula for creating equitable learning opportunities and positive trajectories

How do music and movement positively impact Head Start results?

When music and movement are practiced together, all lobes of the brain are engaged, creating peak neurological connections. And the joy that comes from shared-music making sparks a zest for learning that lasts.

Kindermusik’s Head Start resources combine years of research with engaging musical play to change individual trajectories forever.

Kindermusik is a low-stress, high-impact teaching tool.

Minimum prep time. Maximum teacher-child engagement.

Our Head Start kits are designed to help you focus on individual needs and fuel whole-child development through easy-to-lead song, dance, and instrument play.

Pre-planned lessons

Step-by-step teacher guides

Robust online teacher assets (like training videos and in-kind development logs)

Supportive audio (allows teachers to participate and observe)

Virtual-friendly class content

On-the-go musical resources for rituals and routines

Engaging at-home resources for families (like our free app)

Optional in-person or virtual product training

Our flexible Head Start resources kits are designed to fit every program need.

From transition times like lining up or washing hands, to traditional class schedules, all Head Start units can be easily broken out into 10, 15, 20, or 30-minute segments.

We’ve got a solution for your Head Start learning space.

From early pre-k to kindergarten, our Level 3 and Level 4 Kits help you spark whole-child development through high-quality music and movement instruction.

Each option includes themed units, student/teacher instrument sets, digital resources for teachers and families, big books for musical storytime, and more.

Kindermusik’s Level 3 kit shows instruments, props, and books for developmental ages 3-4. Classroom kits are just one solution from our Head Start Resources.

Level 3 Curriculum Kit

(Ages 3-5)

Help your 3-5-year-olds hit all the right developmental notes with language-building visuals, age-appropriate instrument play, and more. Spanish translations available for interactive digital activities and physical home materials.
*In-person or virtual product training available.

Kindermusik’s Level 4 kit shows instruments, props, and books for developmental ages 4-5. Classroom kits are just one solution from our Head Start Resources.

Level 4 Curriculum Kit

(Ages 4-6)

Your 4-6-year-olds will love these musical play units that lean heavily into social-emotional growth. From instrument exploration to storytime, you’ll have everything you need to smooth and strengthen their transitions to elementary school.
*In-person or virtual product training available.

Trusted. Aligned. And family-focused.

Our curriculum is research-based, aligned with Head Start standards, and makes it easy for families to stay involved.

Independent Research

From social-emotional growth to mathematics achievement, see how participation in Kindermusik improved early milestones.

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ELOF Alignment

Kindermusik's Head Start curriculum kits align with ELOF, along with several state and national standards for early-childhood learning.

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Family Engagement

Our easy-to-use, no-cost digital activities, streamable class music, and free Kindermusik app make family involvement fun.

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