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Highlighting the power of Kindermusik in early childhood programs

How exactly does Kindermusik fuel early childhood development?

Combining read-aloud, singing, dancing, and tapping the imagination at every juncture is multi-sensory learning at its best! Kindermusik’s curricula stimulate multiple areas of the brain at once, heightening age-appropriate development in every lesson.

Children playing sticks. Music and movement research on how Kindermusik affects social-emotional development.

Music and movement spark social-emotional learning.

Social-emotional competence in a child’s early years is linked to future academic success. A growing body of research shows that teaching and learning across the curriculum areas, particularly the arts, can successfully embed social-emotional lessons.

Children reading a story. Music and movement research on how Kindermusik boosts language and literacy skills.

Music and movement boost language and literacy skills.

Children who received Kindermusik (formerly ABC Music & Me) instruction showed 32% more improvement on the PALS test compared to students who did not, indicating that our music and movement curricula boosts preschoolers’ language and literacy skills.

Adult and child stacking cage bells. Music and movement research on how Kindermusik affects mathematics achievement.

Music and movement impact mathematics achievement.

Years of scientific research support cognitive gains associated with early childhood music experiences. Specifically, participation in the Kindermusik program points to gains in foundational mathematical skills.

Children sitting in a circle. Music and movement research on how Kindermusik supports multiple learning styles.

Music and movement support multiple learning styles.

Have students with reading disabilities or who are Dual Language Learners? Studies show that music instruction has a positive impact on these learning groups and improves phonemic awareness, verbal memory, and vocabulary.

Girl playing tambourine. Kindermusik’s curriculum is based on various pieces of music and movement research.


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