Transitional Kindergarten Solutions

Musical play preparing children for kindergarten and beyond

How can music and movement enhance TK programs?

Play-based learning is scientifically linked to stronger academic and social-emotional skills. Infusing music and movement amplifies those goals and helps build executive function, which is critical to success in the classroom.

Kindermusik’s Transitional Kindergarten Kits utilize song, read-aloud, instrument play, and dancing to give young learners every tool they need to get kindergarten-ready and have fun doing it!

Circular research illustration showing increases in taking turns and demonstrating self-control after consistent exposure to Kindermusik.

Research-proven to promote school readiness.

Independent studies show Kindermusik’s multisensory, play-based approach promotes whole-child development by strengthening:

Social-emotional growth

Literacy, language, and math skills

Whole body movement

And so much more.

Transitional Kindergarten student clapping her hands to the beat during Kindermusik class.

Easy for teachers. Empowering for everyone.

Low-to-no prep with trackable growth.

Our Transitional Kindergarten Kits help you boost phonological awareness, quantitative concepts, conflict and resolution, and more, while you participate in the fun and support learners’ individual needs.

You’ll receive:

Pre-planned lessons

Step-by-step teacher guides

Robust online teacher assets (like training videos and development logs)

Supportive audio (allows teachers to participate and observe)

Virtual-friendly class content

Optional in-person or virtual product training

On-the-go musical resources for rituals and routines

Engaging at-home resources for families

Transitional Kindergarten Kits

For TK programs, our Level 3 and 4 Kits use high-quality music and movement instruction to help you boost whole-child development and bridge the school readiness gap. Available in 3-, 6-, 9- and 12-unit options, these kits are meant to bend and flex with your day, whether you’re leading dedicated musical play or need support for transitions like meal time.

Kindermusik’s “Level 3” early childhood music education curriculum kit for preschool and transitional kindergarteners.

Level 3 Curriculum Kit

(Ages 3-5)

Help your transitional kindergarteners hit all the right developmental notes with language-building visuals, age-appropriate instrument play, and more. Spanish translations available for interactive digital activities and physical home materials.
*In-person or virtual product training available.

Kindermusik’s “Level 4” early childhood music education curriculum kit for transitional kindergarteners and kindergarteners.

Level 4 Curriculum Kit

(Ages 4-6)

The Level 4 kit is perfect for older transitional kindergarteners and lean heavily into social-emotional growth. From instrument exploration to storytime, you’ll have everything you need to smooth and strengthen their transitions to kindergarten.
*In-person or virtual product training available.

Looking for summer programming?

We can help! Our short-term summer kits include everything you need to help your students keep learning going and growing, plus special take-home options.

Trusted. Aligned. And family-focused.

Independent Research

From social-emotional growth to mathematics achievement, see how participation in Kindermusik improved early milestones.

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Kindermusik's Transitional Kindergarten Kits align with DRDP, Common Core, HS and EHS, along with several state and national standards for early-childhood learning.

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Family Engagement

Our easy-to-use, no-cost digital activities, streamable class music, and free Kindermusik app make family involvement fun.

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